I'm going to have to argue with you guys....

The purpose of the Mastic tape is that it creates a bond that fills the nooks and cranties of the item that you are waterproofing. So that if the Super88 leaks, it can't get to the connector. The two biggest places water gets into the connection is the two ends where the taping ends, NOT just condensing through the material. If you use Super 88 on the inside layer, you are creating a CONDUIT for moisture to pass through, IF water enters in through one of the two ends (far edges of taping). It is VERY difficult to get a complete seal where the tape toughes the Antenna and the end of the connector, reason being the antenna surface is perpendicular to the connector you are wrapping. Doing it the way you are suggesting is definately easy to remove the tape, but it leaves the connector vulnerable to a poor seal at the edges, if that occurs. I'd argue that doing it that way, is taking away the benefit of why you use Mastic tape in the first place. Super88 is meant primarilly just for UV resilient.

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