Yes... I agree... I have a dedicated connection from our main NOC to my house... 20Mbps+... :)

However, we also have a CableOne connection at our office for testing connectivity, speed tests, etc. It comes in handy. We also "remote" monitor our main backbone routers using this connection... so if our main router dies, we still get SMS on our cell phones... ;)


George Rogato wrote:
The most fun I have is using my own connection. I always want to make it better and drool over how fast it is. Sort of like a gear head of broadband

But it doesn't really tell me how well the rest of the network is. For that we monitor the network to keep us posted of any issues, we use nagios, and we graph as much as possible to see high usage. And then to boot we are always connecting to our ap's to see what the performance is when we're out and about.

I have wanted to buy charter and qwest connections, just to experience their network and see what the billing looks like.

Only problem is, if I was to buy their services, they would start telling everyone I use their service and not mine.

John Scrivner wrote:
I was customer number 1 on my network. I still use my own connection to my home. One of my ex-employees used to tell me he liked the fact that I "ate my own dogfood". I always thought that was a humorous metaphor.

I think it is good to use your own service so you can see what the service is like for your customer. If it works well then chances are your customers are happy. If it stinks then maybe you need to make changes. Monitoring tools are a good indicator of where you need to work on things but nothing beats using it yourself in my opinion.

Blair Davis wrote:

Well, the reason I built my network was to GET an internet connection.......

Ryan Spott wrote:

I always tell my clients that I use my own service and that I will
usually know before they do that things are slow or not working
because my family will call me MUCH faster than any client.

This builds trust with my clients.


Recently I was emailed by another WISP in my area and I noticed the
CEO was NOT using his own service....Strange

So with all this being said, I was wondering... how many of you use your
own service?


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