I am co located on a tower with an FM transmitter. The FM station runs
at 105Mhz. We were running one AP at 10 half duplex to overcome the
havoc that the FM station created on our ethernet feed. We now need to
run that link at 100 full duplex to be able to handle the traffic
coming through it. What are some hints tips tricks to make it work.

The cable run itself is 150' of shielded CAT5. It works fine at 10 H/D
and it works at 100 F/D most of the time but it will occasionally go
down and there is some intermittent packet loss on that link. The run
itself terminates into a managed switch.

If CAT5 won't work, is fiber my next option? How does that work? I
assume that I need power up the tower as well? Any tips to make that
happen assuming keeping the existing CAT5 won't work.
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