Travis Johnson wrote:
And thus you just hit the nail on the head... and it brings us back full circle to the original subject of this thread...

Google is going to bid on 700mhz spectrum... billions of dollars... then, once they own it, they are going to start some type of wireless internet service using that spectrum... and then, they WILL be competing directly with all the ISP's. And, they will probably give the service away FREE, just like they do now with their WiFi service. Can you compete with FREE service, using 700mhz NLOS technology (meaning self-install, take the modem with you to work type service)?

I think they probably will sell the service. Their argument is that it should be an OPEN service, meaning that anyone's devices have to work with it. Kind of like, modems back in the day. Any modem could connect to a Cisco RAS server and anyone could own a RAS server if he had a line. Google seems to be saying that the rules for the spectrum should allow anyone to build a device which will work on the spectrum *AND* anyone who licenses the spectrum will have to honor such a device.

Those rules are a heck of a lot more fair than the rules currently being discussed.

So, now who's your friend? They have a huge recurring income from the search engine, so they don't have to make a dime on other services... gmail, Google Earth, etc. are all examples. They will just add 700mhz wireless to the list of "free" things they provide.

Travis, Google is not the Evil Empire... Why do you think they are? They have a recurring income from the world's best search engine. Why is that a problem? Google Earth is a problem, why? Check out Microsoft selling you Yep, they are reselling you the data that your tax dollars bought in the first place... That is why I use, the site they are required by law to support. Slower, but it works.

I don't know why you are afraid of Google. I don't think they are coming to a town near you. Maybe they will come to your town to *buy you out*, but they probably won't come to your town to crush your business... Verizon will.

Michael: "Hello, yes, the lady at Verizon told me that there was nothing you could do about the problems we are having with their DSL service, the one we are reselling, yes."

Lady at FCC: "Well, sadly she is correct. Unless the quality of service is the problem, we can not help you."

I don't know Travis, but it looks to me like you have a great life. Why worry yourself over Google's market share?


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