I am writing this before reading the rest of the thread.

Please be patient with me.

UHG!!! What a waste of resources. Can anyone point to even ONE
terrorist that has even been "sniffed out" due to data from an ISP? I
did a few quick Google searches and no case has popped up.

I detest the FBI.  We have a "special" relationship.  We try to keep it

That said, can you imagine any situation in which the counter-intelligence
responsible agency in the US government would ever find it desirable
to actually document in public how they got the intelligence that lead to
someone being "sniffed out"?

Honestly, they are not likely to tell you how the got what they got until
the court case is finished, are they?  Even then there are mechanisms
where information is not allowed to enter the official court record.

terrorist groups have show that they know how to operate and not leave
a trail that leads anyplace important till after the fact.

Is that your "Intelligence Professional" opinion?  ;)

remember when it was requested that encryptions have a back door? I
think this is partly fall out from then. How many ISPs have people who
use PGP? As a computer shop I can think of at least a few people who
are using PGP/OpenPGP and one who uses a 2048bit cypher. What is
WISPA`s official stance on this subject?

Anyone remember when the Wall Street Journal reported that NSA could
crack PGP?  I do.

All that said, do I think that this is a good idea? Hell no! I think that the
FBI is like any other gubmit agency.  Eighty percent of their employees
go to work every day at 9 AM and get off at 3 PM.  The rest of them
carry the load.  It is the 80% moron population that proposed this brain
dead idea...

Someone send them a note 'cause they impress me as much today as
they ever have...

One last thing worth remembering about the FBI.  800 background
files buy a LOT of VOTES, especially when about 400 of them are
Congress critters.

That ain't politics.  That is history.


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