The FBI wants to pay the major telecommunications companies to retain their customers' Internet and phone call information for at least two years for the agency's use in counterterrorism investigations and is asking Congress
for $5 million a year to defray the cost, according to FBI officials and
budget documents.
However, if we are forced to retain records, I do believe I would like to be
paid to do that.

If congress requires us to retain these records, it may be helpful if they also
fund the effort?

Currently I keep three years of AAA records.  If you logged on our system
in the past three years, I know when, where and how.

I have used that information to satisfy two subpoena's in as many months.

So ... let them pay us. It is better than having to do it for nothing but it is not
better than not having to do it at all.

P.S.  I said it because it makes me "feel better about myself".
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