Here's one strategy for you to consider for the PITA customer.



"Dear Mr. (Mrs.) xxyyzz,

Thank you for your telephone call yesterday. I'm sorry that our service did not live up to your expectations. I believe that your needs would be better served if you ordered Internet service from another Internet Service Provider. Accordingly, we will terminate your service 30 days from today on <month, day> unless you advise us of an earlier date. We will stop by to pick up our equipment on <month, day> unless you advise us of an earlier date. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you and best of luck with your new service provider.

Best Regards,
                        <your name>

D. Ryan Spott wrote:
I am looking for advice and examples of what to do with PITA customers.

I have a few that are just shy of abusive on the phone.

Do you read them the riot act? Do you turn them off? Do you collect an early
termination fee?
Share your stories or policies.


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