Oh yeah, one hop is 6.5 miles so 5.3/5.4 is out unfortunately.

The other is 0.5 miles so I will probably run that in 5.3. There are a 
lot of weather radar towers around here that junk up 5.4.

Patrick Shoemaker
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Randy Cosby wrote:
> I've had some limited experience with them, and so far all is good.  I'm 
> using 5.4 channels, which is an added bonus for dealing with noisy 
> canopy stuff.  Fairly short hops though.
> Patrick Shoemaker wrote:
>> I have two Motorola Canopy 20M backhauls running in 2.4 GHz that serve 
>> as redundant links between POPs. I am located in Maryland just outside 
>> of DC, and the 2.4 noise floor has crept high enough to require 
>> replacement of these backup links. I am looking at the TrangoLINK-45 
>> radios to replace these and wanted to get some real-world feedback from 
>> anyone who is using this system. Any problems / bugs / known issues?
>> They will be colocated with Orthogon PtP radios as well as some Canopy 
>> APs, which are all running in 5.7. The Canopy APs and Orthogon get along 
>> great together running in the same band- am I wrong assuming the Trango 
>> product will have good enough receiver selectivity to get along with the 
>> other equipment too? It will likely be run H-pol with the other stuff on 
>> v-pol (except the Orthogon which uses both polarities via MIMO). Thanks,

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