Hello Dimitri

Congradts to you and your partners on developing a product that wisps 
can use to their advantage.

I don't think we have seen an introduction of you and your compay on the 
wispa lists.

Why don't you take this time to introduce yourself, and your company and 
products to the list.

For those who don't know Dimitri, he is a long time wisp who used to be 
very active on these various wisp lists.
I'm sure developing his product and company has minimized  his 
socializing  on the various lists.


Dimitrios Sidiropoulos wrote:
> E-zy.net has SSH and Telnet enabled by default.
> We just want to make sure the service is available when you need it, so
> you do not end up "wishing" you had enabled it before.
> Of course you have to make sure you change your passwords but this counts
> for all services not just SSH.
> Thank you
> Dimitri
> http://www.e-zy.net
> EZ-Go-2 Now shipping at $83.00 MSRP
> http://www.e-zy.net/outdoor/EZ-Go/

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