Winbox is okay, but it doesn't do much that the StarOS ssh interface 
doesn't do, and that includes the Torch functionality.   The StarOS 
"Beacon" functionality has the ability to track all TCP connections, 
simliar to Torch, so that functionality is there as well.   I would 
probably lean toward the "Association List" or what I fondly refer to 
the "F1 key" functionality as the best feature of StarOS - much better 
than the Winbox or commandline equivalent on Mikrotik.

Matt Larsen

Travis Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> Mikrotik has this same ability, but using their Winbox GUI. I can 
> right-click on any connected Mikrotik device in the list and connect 
> directly (even if it doesn't have an IP address on it at all). And 
> let's not forget the all powerful Torch utility that is built in to 
> every Mikrotik device. If you have never seen or used it, it is 
> probably the single most important "feature" available on Mikrotik.
> Travis
> Microserv
> Mark Nash wrote:
>> I agree... Just put one up and try it.  Don't be afraid of the learning 
>> curve.  The performance and flexibility is outstanding.
>> Also, there's alot to be said about NOT having a web interface.  I can't 
>> tell you how many times I've done this:
>> 1.  Realized I screwed up the gateway address or IP address on the CPE.
>> 2.  ssh into the AP, put and IP address on the wireless interface that 
>> client is associated with, ssh TO the client FROM the AP (not from my 
>> workstation).
>> 3.  Been on my merry way and not have had a truck roll.
>> We use methods like these to prevent truck rolls over & over again.
>> I wish that the other, mainstream product manufacturers would get a clue 
>> about this ability.  You can essentially move about your network using ssh, 
>> hopping from one device to another until you can reach the device you want. 
>> You can ssh from your computer or PDA to your border router, then ssh from 
>> there to wherever on your network you want to go.
>> Also with this method, it is possible to take a brand new AP to a tower 
>> site, set to defaults (with default IP address) and have the guys back at 
>> the office reach it and configure it.  VERY POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!
>> I say let go of the web interface.  I did and I'm glad I did.  My name is 
>> Mark and I'm an ssh junkie... ;)
>> Mark Nash
>> UnwiredWest
>> 78 Centennial Loop
>> Suite E
>> Eugene, OR 97401
>> 541-998-5555
>> 541-998-5599 fax
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