We have several customers in the market with trials or actually deployed. I
cant help if they all havent gotten their FCC licenses *duck*, or fully
executed in their plans. Remember as well, not EVERYONE uses 3.65ghz, and
many customers use 5.8 or 5.4. 

As far as Tolly marcus being employed by aperto, he does work as a
contractor for Wireless Connections in sales, but is actively engaged in
deploying his networks throughout his focused regions. Its not all however,
3.65ghz. We don't actually make a press release every time we win an
operator account either, nor do any other manufacturers. Additionally, in
3.65ghz, I don't believe alvarion is shipping a fully implemented true "e"
system but rather a modified D system with diversity and MRC. 
Remember as well we didn't release 3.650 product until about 6 months after
Redline, so you cant expect there to be a lot out there for you to find in
the FCC database. As well, we have a lot more history, more products, and
actually more carrier customers than Redline does internationally and in the
US. If you would like a list of our US or international customer base, feel
free to hit me off list. 

Finally I find that many operators recommend what they buy: in your case you
bought a bunch of Redline. Most folks would never make a reccmeondation for
another solution esp when they work for a publically traded company, that
would look pretty bad wouldn't it? You have your Bias, and will likely stick
to that. With the same thing in mind, your business model is quite unique in
the market as you sell large PTP connections and not multipoint connections
to small business / consumer. Redline may be a good fit for you then. Please
however don't make any judgements on our product when you have never tested
it, deployed it, received a quotation, or talked to one of our many

Jeff Booher
Director of Sales, North America
24/7: 206-455-4950
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On Apr 22, 2009, at 3:17 PM, 3-dB Networks wrote:

> Matt,
> How does what you say in the first paragraph make Aperto not viable?
I don't think anything from my first paragraph makes Aperto not viable. I am
not sure I even like the term viable. I wouldn't suggest Aperto or recommend
them as a WiMAX vendor. Of course, I don't have any direct experience with
Aperto's current product line. Therefore, I can't compare and contrast their
offerings to other WiMAX vendors that I do have experience with. Anecdotical
evidence suggests that Aperto is not widely deployed. According to Aperto's
press releases I only see one company mentioned that has deployed their
WiMAX gear in the US. I don't know much about Zing to which the press
release mentions.  
What I do know is that according to ULS they have only been approved to
deploy a single Aperto radio. Further, at WiMAX World last year it seemed
that Zing's CTO was employed by Aperto in sales. Compare this to Redline and
Alvarion, which have lots of approved radios in ULS and multiple US
customers including some large customers.


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