Ok, so, two weeks ago, after having stood for 4.5 years, through 2, and I 
mean TWO "century" wind storms, my generator tower failed on a very normal 
normal windy spring day.

We took it the rest of the way down, cut it apart, looking for the cause of 

And found none.   No rust, no breaks, no corrosion,  nothing.

And found while it was down, that the generator windings and electronics had 
burnt themselves up, as well.

A real head scratcher.    All the "obvious" stuff ain't there.

All we can think of is that there was some very localized freak conditions 
that did what the storm a year and a half ago could not do.    The storm 
then was so strong that about 1/3 of all homes suffered significant roof 
damage.  Fields migrated across roads.   RV's tipped over.  parked Semis 
tipped over.  metal buildings exploded.   Wind velocities at the normal 
stations set records.   individual weather stations recorded high hurricane 

But our tower didn't bend or even show damage.

But two weeks ago, where we had predicted "gusts" to 35 or 40 mph, caused it 
to fold.    We had changed the blades on it a couple weeks before, on the 
advice of the maker of the generator.   They insisted that wind loading was 
within 1% of the original.

So, we're re engineering it and back up it goes when the generator gets back 
from the maker (who is rebuilding it under warranty).

I love a mystery.    NOT.

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