802.16d implementations can and do support diversity antennas on the  

I don't know the definitive answer to the rest of the question. But I  
do know that:

(1) Clients in 802.16e can and do support diversity

(2) The clients are supposed to be interoperable

(3) I know of no clients that support diversity in 802.16d

So, speculatively, the point might that 802.16e clients support  
diversity and interoperate.

You pick up at least a few db with client diversity antennas-though  
not nearly enough to make up for the lower power regime you have to  
operate in.


On Sep 11, 2009, at 7:12 PM, Tom DeReggi wrote:

> Patrick,
> Always great to see your list posts filled with good info. Responses
> inline...
>> The E standard does enable use of diversity, but it comes at a high  
>> cost
>> and is of limited benefit for rural operators. The truth is that
>> diversity is designed to increase link budgets to support self- 
>> install.
> Can you clarify? Are you saying D Spec does not support Diversity?
> Or that most D vendors focusing on price chose not to include  
> implementation
> of it?
> Even most Wifi chipsets supports diversity.
> My understanding was D supported diversity, because the early Pre- 
> Wimax
> Aperto supported all types of Diversity.
> Please clarify.
> I'd like to add... I'd like to see more FIXED products support  
> Diversity at
> the AP.
> Trials have shown that Polarity diversity yielded much better  
> results than
> Spacial diversity for NLOS. BUT, that data does not consider spectrum
> availabilty and congestion.
> Many Metro deployments can't afford to waste a polarity, with limited
> spectrum and lots of noise, and forced to abandon the idea of Polarity
> diversity.
> Spacial Diversity at teh AP is an enhancement that can be used  
> without any
> trade-off other than Colo fees if can't avoid paying colo per antenna.
> Actually in newer MIMO designs Spacial Diversity on its own showed
> signficant improvements in range.
> This could becaome even more important in 3.65 with few channels.
>> Basically, each standard has its place, E is for people in 2.5 GHz  
>> doing
>> self-install, like Clearwire, and we all know the low service
>> (especially low upstream) packages offered in Clearwire's service.  
>> D is
>> better and cheaper for rural fixed operators, and especially for  
>> public
>> safety video type networks and definitely for voice-centric users.  
>> D is
>> better for enterprise, where many users sit behind the CPE. E is  
>> better
>> for roaming individual users with modest expectations.
> I'd agree. And I'd agree "D" is most appropriate for most WISPs.
> I think the biggest factor in deciding though isn't technology specs?
> People want to pick the technology with the longest life span.
> Many WISPs might prefer D, but are afraid D might be discontinued  
> sooner,
> since the big dollar might have followed E.
> Just like is happening right now.
> I think the number one factor that will lead WISPs to pick D is
> acknowledgement that Vendors understand and see the long term  
> potential and
> MArket for D, so we can be confident about our vendors.
> So far, I think the primary vendors have done a good job showing their
> supprot for D.
> The other number 1 barrier to WiMax is price, so once again many  
> have chosen
> D for price reasons.
> But that is a fake benefit, because technically there is no reason  
> that E
> product couldn't be sold just as Cheap if it came down to it.
> If anything, E has the potential to drop to lower prices, because of  
> economy
> of scale and diverse use for WiMax chipsets.
> So what I'm saying is... Wimax E is killing themselves by pricing  
> their
> products to high. Right now D has the potential to regain its market  
> share
> because its price advantage.
> However, one good way for E to protect its market share is to try and
> influence the discontinuation of D.
> Thus important to support the continued development of D.
> Tom DeReggi
> RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
>> We'd like to hear your opinions, and if you like to discuss this  
>> with us
>> while at 4G World, please drop me a note.
>> Regards,
>> Patrick Leary
>> Aperto Networks
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>> Aperto Networks
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