Unless the Federal Government gives AT&T a blank check and ORDERS them 
to this, it is NOT ever going to happen. I have seen copies of Project 
Pronto documents that said the San Francisco Bay Area was supposed to 
have fiber to the home 10 years ago. Yes, there were a few strands 
installed, but nowhere near what what promised to get what they wanted 
from the lawmakers. We just tried to get an ADSL circuit installed in 
Concord CA, and it took a month, and at least 5 different tech site visits.


Tom DeReggi wrote:
> Patrick,
> << Major SNIP>>The technology is there, I just hope our industry accomplishes 
> the price 
> point needed for mass scale in time, before companies like ATT get fiber to 
> every home by 2015 :-)
> Tom DeReggi
> RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
> IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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