There are a number of WISPA vendor members who offer white-label VoIP service. 
I won’t list them here because inevitably I’ll leave someone off and I’ll get 
an angry phone call!

I discussed this in the most recent ISP Radio in the latter half of the show, 
and it was item #6 on the top 10 list on our most recent webinar.

We didn’t offer a webinar particularly on phone, but if there is enough 
interest we may want to take a look at it.

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  We attended the Government Subsidized Overbuilding webinar but didn't hear 
anything about a phone service seminar.

  For anyone else that is trying to keep up:

  NANP is this:

  N11 is this:

  I think that Ooma was offering this a year or two ago at WISPA in Memphis.  
We'll check on it.

  Please let us know if there are others that may be better.  We're not exactly 
in the phone business and just recommend to our customers to use a smartphone 
with WiFi calling.  But it looks like we're going to have to offer phone 
service not to get further overbuilt on!

Thank you,

-James Wilson


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Yes, N11.

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Claude X11 or should the reference be N11

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As long as it is phone service that reaches NANP numbers including X11 numbers, 
it counts as long as it is offered by YOUR company. Can be white label.

Yes, has to be reflected on 477.

We did a webinar last week on this topic, hope to post for members soon.

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Is there some information about what is considered phone service?

Can we just offer something like Ooma?  Does this phone service need to be 
reflected in FCC 477?

Is there a place to go for further information?


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There are two upcoming items on the FCC’s August 1st meeting on items that will 
effect all WISP’s.    Please review the documents below.

Short summary:

477 Order - will revamp the 477 data collection process and information.   
Personally this is a good thing.

RDOF - This is the next $20,400,000,000 (20.4 Billion Dollars) that will be 
spend to overbuild your network if you are not currently providing 25/3 service 
& phone.

WISPA has time to meet with the commissioners and discuss up to the 25th.   A 
lot of effort has already gone into making sure that both of these are fair and 
open to all providers, not just the Telco’s.   There is no way to stop the feds 
from spending this money - it’s coming regardless of what we do.   Both 
political parties, the administration, and the FCC all want to spend money on 
rural broadband.

YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR PART to either position yourself to receive this funding, 
or prevent your competitors from getting it and overbuilding you.


Mark Radabaugh
WISPA Policy Committee Chair

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Just released, below are links to draft items of interest for the FCC’s August 
1 open meeting.  We have the opportunity to meet with the Commissioners until 
the afternoon of July 25.  Would appreciate the Committee’s input on these 
soon.  Just released, and I have not had a chance to review these yet.

DRAFT Form 477 Order + FNPRM:

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