> What is the most semantic way to markup an interview?

I've been thinking about this a bit.

If I did want to find the _most semantic_ way to markup an interview (I
can't imagine thinking about it if we hadn't been discussing it though
;-), why wouldn't a paragraph with a meaningful class be the best
solution (such as the speaker or whether it's a question or answer)?

I mean, a definition list is really for definitions, and headings are
really meant for, well, headings. Given that there is no element in
XHTML specifically for interview questions and answers, a paragraph is
the most applicable element that is still semantically (meaningfully)
correct - we just want to give it a bit more meaning with some
well-chosen classes. For example, a paragraph could simply be given a
class corresponding to the person speaking (class="interviewee" or
class="DarrinHinch") or even two classes to be more meaningful
(class="interviewer statement" or class="interviewer question" (aside:
i've seen this in XML but not sure if two values for a class is actually
correct in XHTML?))

Anyway, that being said, not sure that it matters too much :-)

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