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> Secondly, with the Word documents, if there is an easier way to convert
> them to HTML? At the moment I am saving as HTML from Word, taking them
> into Dreamweaver and using 'Clean up Word HTML'. After that I use 'Find
> and replace' to strip out all <font>, <span> and attributes from <p>
> such as "class" and "style". At which point I still have to mark up the
> document with proper headings, bulleted lists, etc. A little
> time-consuming and fiddly to say the least!

I see that your email was sent using Apple Mail. Assuming you are also using
Dreamweaver on a Mac, you can try what I do: cut & paste the Word doc into
AppleWorks. Then either save the AppleWorks doc as html or cut & paste from
AppleWorks into Dreamweaver. AppleWorks strips out all the Word rubbish.

Hope Stewart

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