Hope Stewart wrote:

Hi Angela,

I see that your email was sent using Apple Mail. Assuming you are also using
Dreamweaver on a Mac, you can try what I do: cut & paste the Word doc into
AppleWorks. Then either save the AppleWorks doc as html or cut & paste from
AppleWorks into Dreamweaver. AppleWorks strips out all the Word rubbish.

Hope Stewart

This sounds familiar, oh yeah!. When doing this on a PC, I just found out just yesterday that cutting and pasting Word text into Notepad THEN cutting and pasting from Notepad to Dreamweaver seems to work for me. /But/ it removes those pesky (tm) and (r) symbols and sometimes curly quotes.

The link sent by heretic [http://textism.com/wordcleaner/] works wonders!! I just tried a one-page Word doc. I tried the same file through TidyGUI, it didn't do the <ul>'s and <li> where needed and it left some artifacts:


It's nice to know we have tools at our disposal to help make our lives easier (and cut the time spent coding)! :D


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