Chris Kennon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Can someone explain why this incredibly useful attribute:
  <li value=40></li>
 is deprecated, or is it?

It is depreciated ( although it is not obselete therefore will still be supported for backward compatibility.

One possible reason could be that it completely destroys the semantics of an ordered list by allowing it to be broken up.

I'm curious about the function of the list - does the numbering describe the images to make them meaningful in some way? An ordered list spread over multiple URIs strikes me as wrong as the list portion referenced by an individual URI may have less meaning when dislocated from other portions of the list. Something like spreading a library index over different rooms[files] in the building[domain]. Is there a reason apart from file size / download time that this list should be spread over multiple pages? I assume the archive is huge but if its just a contents list page then wouldn't it be hypertext with anchors for blocks and meaningful URIs for each image? I assume the library has some kind of tagging system or category system to classify images so access to groups of images themselves is achieved through that?

Jon Tan

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