Then I appologize Christian, This is due like today and I'm really growchy but it's what they want and if it needs changed then we change it. I was opposed to the idea just like you are now but it's grown on me and I kinda like it. But you gotta remember we are targettting their main audience which is on 800 x 600. I have a pc xp (puke) set up here set to the specs they gave me, 800 x 600, ie6, ff with med to large fonts and actually it looks pretty good on it.

This is the one i did before this one

As you can see (well its not perfect css by any means, had a 2 week deadline) but I took 1 image cut it into 3 parts (header, body, footer) actually u can see my gradiant mistake lol and the header randomly rotates but thats just not how this one wanted it.

So I know what you are saying but its just not happening on this one.
I wish the menu section was a bit wide but there is no time right now to do it as there are 2 sites due and both have same layout with diff color schemes.

From: Christian Montoya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Friday, November 25, 2005 4:39 AM
Subject: Re: [WSG] menu suggestions and problems

> And yet you have offered nothing yet to help with the question, so why
> answer?

You misunderstand. My reason for telling you this is that there is
nothing you can do about your problem with the current layout. If the
client wants it that way, then that's fine, no need to argue. Just
keep in mind that the number of users that are going to use text-size
large on the page is about 1 in a thousand, and they probably won't
care. So I say just leave it like it is.

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