In the store itself they wouldn't see any better but would still pick out shirts, pants, etc. It is the alt tags that make the difference for their software to read a site. Without the alt tags the software doesn't tell them if it's a shirt or a wheelbarrow.


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>> The only thing I don't understand is how on earth does a blind person
>> pick out items that rely on a photograph (clothes etc)...
> If you go to Target's home page, you will find, in the left column
> what appear to be headlines describing sale and special items. They
> are images - and there is no Alt text. Blind people do shop :-).
There are varying degrees of "blindness", too, so someone looking at one
of those images may go, "Oh, wait, is that a red jumper or a parka?"
Alt text can help in that respect, if the user has a good text-to-speech
tool installed.

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