Lachlan Hunt wrote:

For what reason are they annoying?  You can't just say something is
annoying because you think something else is better, you have explain
what it is about it that is annoying, and perhaps the issue could be
addressed to improve the method without resorting to popups.

I'll tell you what I found annoying...and I'm sure I'll get pounded for
pointing this out. If the viewport isn't the "right" size you do not see
this expanded text. So you click on the help question mark, and
seemingly nothing happens. 

I had a captive audience when this discussion visiting
Mother. One of those "senior users" who isn't particularly savvy. I
fired up a non-maximized window on my laptop, experienced it for myself,
and asked her to take a look at the page.

She was absolutely flummoxed by the "invisibility" of the help text, and
presumed something was broken. 

The first time she opened a popup, awhile back, she was surprised. She
was surprised by just about everything, to be frank. She learned from
her first popup. But her expectation, when she clicks on help, is for
*something* to happen. With the viewport the wrong size, it does not
with this method.


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