Another thought. Are you planning to position the navigation at the top of
the page even though it is at the end of the source? If so, I would say
unequivocally that is the wrong thing to do.

This will adversely affect anyone who uses keyboard navigation, because the
tab sequence will not be anything like they expect. Or do you also plan to
mess with the tabindex? And quite what sighted screen reader users will make
of it is anyone's guess.

Why change what is not broken? I don't hear any users saying they want
content first. Where is the proof that making such a substantial change will
benefit anyone? All we have is an assertion from a tiny number of tests
suggesting that it shouldn't have an adverse effect on most people. But we
run the risk that this test on a statistically insignificant number of
people may actually be wrong, and that we will make it worse for a lot of

But hey, it's cool to do things differently, and that's obviously more
important that doing what's best for users. The first law of usability is
hereby revoked.



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Hi there;

I'm currently laying down the markup for a site and have been pondering
whether to put page content above navigation in the source. I often read
that this is a good idea, and that makes perfect sense to me as long as
there are skip links so that people can reach the navigation easily, but I
recently read an article at that would seem to indicate
that few users of screen readers expect this to be the case.

Is there a prevailing wisdom in this matter?
Content first? Or navigation first?

Rick Lecoat

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