Got to build new template for work, so if you could look at:
And do a critical review of the HTML and CSS (though ignore the poor
structure, lack of annotations and a dodgy bit of ie only code to centre the
ul in the footer) in layout.css (to be fixed)

ie could I do it better, did I use some dodgy techniques, is there a way to
align the top menu 2nd border with the divider between navigation and
content in safari and opera (it works in IE and FF). It is the problems of
using ems for on a grid heavy  ayout and then having to adjust for single
pixel width dividers using negative margins.

Known problems
The javascript assumes 16px base font size, that is to be fixed.
IE5.5 and below box model (also to be fixed)
ps does it work in IE7 and Opera for Mac (weird stuff happened but I need to
footer in centred will everything else is grid based.


Nick Cowie

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