Hi Chris,

That seems like an odd scenario to me, firefox is pretty tight compared
to IE I thought, but I'll take your word for it :-)

You could try using a plug-in such as HTML validator for Firefox that
will put a little icon on the bottom right of your firefox browser to
show you if a page is valid or not and it will show you errors too. It
uses the HTML tidy software


Hope that helps


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I build websites on a Mac and have to check my websites on another
machine in order to view them in IE.

I experience the usual issues with IE applying css differently than
Firefox but my biggest frustrations, lately, have come from errors in my
html that Firefox has happily ignored but IE has faithfully shown up.

Its traditional to knock IE6 for its non-compliance but its done a good
job of validating my html lately.

I would like to get my Firefox to toughen up and show up errors in the
html without having to submit it to a validator?

The problem usually comes from missing closing tags.

Kind Regards
Chris Price

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