tee wrote:
I am about to start coding for a new site, and client asked me to make sure my code will work for IE8, meaning when IE 8 comes out, she
 doesn't need to pay me extra to fix any problem that may occur in IE
8.Client is from a web media company, though I understand her concerns and that she has to answer to her client, but I just don't know how or if I should commit to such 'expectation'.

You've got no real IE8 to make anything work for yet, so, no.

IE8b1 is so weak and broken that it doesn't make sense to do anything
but reporting its weaknesses back to the IE-team. Better wait for better
betas or the final version, or else you risk ending up having to redo
whatever you do for it now.

IE8 final will probably be relatively standard compliant - based on what
the IE-team has written about it and what one can imagine from studying
IE8b1, so there's a chance we won't have to do much for it if a design
is made to work well in better browsers.

Advice: just make sure IE8 can't see any fixes for IE6 and IE7, or for
IE/Mac, and leave it at that for now.


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