> I am about to start coding for a new site, and client asked me to make
> sure my code will work for IE8, meaning when IE 8 comes out, she doesn't
> need to pay me extra to fix any problem that may occur in IE 8. Client is
> from a web media company, though I understand her concerns and that she has
> to answer to her client, but I just don't know how or if I should commit to
> such 'expectation'.
> Last time with IE 7, there was no problem and none of the sites I coded
> for her break when  IE 7 came out. I think this version targeting thing
> really got people worry.
> Say, I code my CSS with best practice just like I'd always do, and treat
> IE browsers with CC should it be needed. Do I need to worry anything with
> IE8? It didn't occur to me to worry anything at all until client was making
> this request.

My take on this is you cannot *really* code for a browser that's not
released yet. Alpha/Beta/pre-release versions simply are not the same as
final versions.

There's a slight difference in this case because you do have a safety net -
if the site works in IE7, but truly goes pear shaped in IE8, you can version
switch it back to
IE7. But, that's a first ever situation and I would not change my
dealings with a client on that basis.

As an ongoing client relations precedent I'd suggest that you do not commit
to making something work in a browser that's not in final release. Reassure
them that you will code to best practice; ensure any conditional comments
are version tagetted appropriately (do not use "if IE", always use something
like "if IE lte 7" or "if IE 6"); mention that version switching is a safety
net; do test in beta browsers but don't guarantee the final release.

If their site ultimately needs work due to a new browser release, that's
part of the cost of ownership of a web presence. You can agree to minimise
the risk, but you can't guarantee the site won't need work in IE8's final

Hope that helps :)


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