If you want to avoid captchas, my recommendation would be to add a question that would foil a robot. Just explain that this field is for that specifically.

Something like:

<legend>Human Verification</legend>

<p>This section is used to thwart evil spam robots. Fill in the correct answer.</p>

<label>What color is the sky? (hint: blue)</label>
<input type="text" name="human_verifier">

You're PHP would be:

// check the answer
if ($_POST['human_verifier'] != 'blue')
// incorrect
echo 'Robot! Get out!');
// correct
echo 'Welcome, Human.';

This is obviously a very, very simple solution but it has worked on reducing/removing form spam on a couple of my sites quite well while being an accessible solution. I'm welcome to an contradictory thoughts on this.

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  * This is a mixed question, I have a contact form that I’m building.
  I want to add a human verifier to the forms but not a captcha one
  because they are far from accessible, I’m not that good at PHP
  though to figure it out, I already use the Mikes Green Beast form
  for general contact but this will be to process order request. I’ve
  trawled the internet but all I can find is captcha solutions, can
  any one point me in the right direction? *

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  * Many thanks *

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