Jens-Uwe Korff wrote:
I'm running into big rendering differences between Google Chrome and Safari 3.1/PC. They are said to render pages the same, given that they're using the same Webkit engine.

They're using the WebKit engine, not necessarily the same version.
Safari is at version 3.2.1 last I looked BTW.

The differences seem to be mainly due to the different font rendering. Safari's fonts are way smaller, hence my boxes are smaller
 and shift up, breaking the layout.

All my testing concludes that Safari's fonts show up ever so slightly
larger than Chrome's and other browsers' on same OS (XP & Vista), but
these differences are insignificant and may only occasionally cause
earlier line-breaks in Safari.

Would be interesting to see your example page to see if your way of
styling can cause the differences you experience, or if they're caused
by you setting those browsers different locally.


No, there are no Safari vs. Chrome CSS hacks, and I hope no-one ever
find or at least not use any since it'll probably do more harm than good
and hit a number of other WebKit based browsers.
It'll probably also target designer-bugs that are counteracted in the
next versions of WebKit based browsers, and create problems that way.
One should never hack live browsers.


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