Any script that relies on an array being ordered, without actually doing
a   sort()  is seriously deficient. As you mentioned yourself, this
behaviour is entirely  in agreement with the JS spec.


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Just though I'd let you know about this, I actually think this is a
pretty serious problem, because it breaks a lot of scripts and doesn't
conform with the other browsers even though it conforms to the
javascript spec. 

V8 (chrome's js engine) can take the values in an array in a random

If we have my_array = new Array("val1","val2","val3","val4", etc... );
And we loop thru that array with for-in the values might come out as
val4, val1, val3 

The js spec actually says that it can loop thru an array in any order,
but it actualy should be fixed to conform with other browsers.

Wait and see... Maybe leave a message behind on the bug page to make
Google fix it. 

Johan Douma

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