To my eyes, the reason is that the font itself is larger on the right
hand side. Naturally this will give a larger line-height, unless you
have specified otherwise.
Mike Brockington
Web Development Specialist

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Sent: 09 January 2009 05:22
Subject: RE: [WSG] Chrome and Safari render the same...or do they?

Hi all,

thanks for your suggestions. I'm attaching a side-by-side comparison of
a snippet of the page since I cannot put any code live, hoping the
attachment gets delivered. Safari is on the left, Chrome on the right.

If you cannot see the attachment, it shows how the graphical background
elements are all lined up vertically, but the type is not. There's a
slowly increasing offset between text lines in each of the two boxes.

I'll try the rounding approach David suggested and will report back.

Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with urgent tasks.



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