designer wrote:
Does anyone know of a modern, valid, reasonably cross-browser way to provide a link on a page so that a user can add the page to favourites?
As far as I know, Microsoft are the only vendor to have implemented a system for triggering bookmark/favourite adding from a webpage.

In my opinion, the lack of support is a good thing. I can think of two reasons why you might want to have such a feature.

1. To help users who don't know how to use the feature their browser has built in.

... but if they don't know how to add them, then they probably don't know how to go back to them.

2. To cover up a "Oh, you have to love this website, please add it to your bookmarks, pretty please" message with something resembling something useful.

... which is just tacky.

Are there any other reasons?

David Dorward

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