In my opinion that's the wrong list to ask such a question, should go
to something more "web developing" like.

My opinion about the button idea and web standards?
Why not give a nice ajax button that when people click it gives them
instruction in few screenshots/lines of text on how to favourite a
certain website.

Buttons and only IE?
Well, I think that adding pages as bookmarks/favourites is one of
those things that people know, but people who use internet more
"savvy" way, if they use Firefox/any other good browser they most
likely know how to favourite a website anyway, if they use IE then
they might not be able to find it afterwards anyway, and don't even
get me started on "add this page as your homepage" IE should fix that
ages ago, it's being abused everywhere.

Offtopic: I work for an IT company and there's lots of people who
click links and get their IE blown by adding a page with popus on
their homepage and then each time they start IE it f&^%$ them up...
I really hope that the recent european commission case of fighting
against browser monopoly will one day really do something and people
will realise that Internet Explorer is not the only choice...many of
them think of it as the only browser...

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