Aaron Wheeler wrote:
> They do not want to use .php and mysql data basing as
> they are worried about losing their ranking in the search engines.

So rather than presenting the data in a form that the search engine will
ready, they are choosing to use a method where the search engines will
ignore it?

> Here is an extract of the coding.
>       <script language="javascript" src="rates.js"></script> - obviously
> imports the divs with the prices attached.

Um. Right. "Obviously".

HTML 3.2 for some reason.

>       <body onLoad=loadPrices('ox001, ment001 ,hvh001 ,vhw001')>

And this is invalid. Use a validator before asking humans to look at code
please. It saves their time if you don't waste it with errors that a
machine can pick up.

It is also odd for a JS script to expect a string containing comma
separated data rather than a separate JS argument for each piece.

David Dorward

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