At 6/29/2009 02:32 AM, Aaron Wheeler wrote:
taken charge of maintaining a website for a client who uses divs to display
data onto a .htm page. They do not want to use .php and mysql data basing as
they are worried about losing their ranking in the search engines.

Please tell the client that search engines do not use JavaScript, therefore all content that is displayed on the page by JavaScript will not be seen by search engines and will not improve their SEO.

This sounds like a classic example of a non-technically-proficient client making low-level technical decisions that are simply outside of their purview. In my opinion the scope of their mandate should be to have a website created that furthers their business model, and to hire the expertise to make this happen. Exactly which technologies are used to reach their goal should not be decided by anyone with little or no experience using those technologies.

        <body onLoad=loadPrices('ox001, ment001 ,hvh001 ,vhw001')>

For modern HTML support you'll want to enclose attribute values in quotation marks.

To support modern coding principles such as progressive enhancement and graceful degradation you'll want to strip all JavaScript out of the HTML and confine it to the linked .js file where it belongs.

The W3C HTML Validator referred to previously can be found at

        <script language="javascript" src="rates.js"></script>
        <body onLoad=loadPrices('ox001, ment001 ,hvh001 ,vhw001')>
<div id="hvh001"></div>

So I was wondering why this does not always work and especially when I seem
to update pages using dreamweaver.
I dunno how this works or why it even works.

It's impossible to say without seeing the complete HTML page and JavaScript file. If you want help, I suggest you post links to where they're located. It's possible that the solution to your problem is simple; if not, it may be beyond the scope of this list to help you for free and you may have to hire some expertise.

Good luck! You've got a long climb ahead of you, but achieving altitude to so worth it.


Paul Novitski
Juniper Webcraft Ltd.

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