James Leslie wrote:

Good in theory -- would you point out a few example sites that have
done a good job of explaining this to non- > technical end users?

Roger Johansson wrote a great article about it

Too funny - he says:

> Instead of cluttering client sites with this kind of widget I’ve
> started adding a set of pages with information that helps the user
> resize text in their browser.

and yet there's no indication of it that I can find on the page. :-)

I'm also seriously skeptical that *anyone* in the world who is trying
to use a web site to achieve a goal is going to interrupt that effort
to watch a video, or (the BBC example) step through multiple pages,
assuming that s/he 1) even sees "Accessibility Help" in the upper menu,
and 2) knows what that means.

In any case, thanks for the pointer.

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