On 12/08/2010 14:55, Hugo Mendes wrote:
I'm sorry to disappoint you guys, but an "HTML5 Professional Template"
with BROWSER DETECTION (those conditional comments in the markup) is
not a best practice.

It's certainly ugly, but a very pragmatic way of having style fixes for the various broken versions of old IE in a way that works even without JavaScript. And the template is a starting point, so you're free to just edit out the bits that are too fugly.


On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 2:46 PM, Sam Sherlock<sam.sherl...@gmail.com>  wrote:
Dan I would look past per-site design choices such as that.
and look into the neat and beneficial features which are many and various
(also the example in use there is outdated compared with the code on github)
the site has the initial release of html5boilerplate where as the github
repo is stages ahead of this
also it is not finished 100% some tweaks to go - mid aug apparently
  - S

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