I rather liked the conditionals around the body. What's not to like?

Imho, it goes against the separation of structure and presentation (plus it messes up with the cascade), but I can understand why they are doing this. Since most people strongly believe that CSS validation is a must, they have
to offer a solution that comes with the "badge".

Fwiw, I'd delete that junk markup and go with good old _property and
*property hacks ;-)

I like to concept of Conditional Comments around the <body>, and can see your point about it going against the concept of structure/ presentation. Regardless, I have two other concerns:

1. to stop IE8 stalling, you have to place an empty conditional comment near the top of the document head. I'm sure that every time one of these is added to a document a fairy dies somewhere. Details here (under "Update"):

2. if you use a CMS that pushes classes into the <body> element, you are in all sorts of trouble with this method.

If you really like this method, an alternative is to use the same method on the <html> element.

Here is a sample page (view source to see the Conditional Comments around the head element):

The bottom line is that all solutions when dealing with earlier versions of IE are going to be some sort of hack - whether it is a CSS hack or an HTML hack - it comes down to choices that you have to make...

- which is most efficient
- which is most future proof (won't come back and bite you)
- which is easiest to maintain


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