On 09/08/2017 22:34, Black Michael via wsjt-devel wrote:
I tried that too.
Yes...lots of references on stylesheets but none on command line switch usage with it.

I'll have to try a simple app and see if I can get that to work.

I tried using the same stylesheets I already have for several widgets and no joy so there either must be some magic to it.

Hi Mike,

I suggest you print QApplication::styleSheet() in main.cpp before QApplication::exec() is called, there you can see what happens if you use the -stylesheet command line option. The stylesheet loading is the easy part, the Qt stylesheet example I linked also shows how to read a stylesheet from a file or resource. TBH if you are struggling with the basics of setting the QApplication stylesheet then you are going to be out of your depth on making WSJT-X more stylesheet friendly.


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