On 08/08/2017 23:20, Black Michael via wsjt-devel wrote:
I think with stylesheets don't they apply one style to all the same Qt type? i.e. all QLabels, all QPushButton, etc?

That limits the customization of individual buttons for example doesn't it?

Hi Mike,

yes, that's the general idea. If there is a need to style one widget type different ways then they can be tagged in the application with a property value to group them into sets that do have common styling requirements.

There should only be two issues. The way fonts are styled make it hard to set the font by QSS but we have user font selection anyway. Some widgets do not get rendered using styles but this is becoming less as the Qt devs update the paint routines for them, the main ones used to change the look and feel of an application are covered.

The other issue is that using QSS for widgets that are normally rendered as native widgets usually makes a mess of the layout, particularly on macOS where most widgets are native ones and not drawn by Qt unless a style item is changed.


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