> On Feb 12, 2018, at 5:59 AM, Jay Hainline <ka9...@mtcnow.net> wrote:
> This only seems to happen when first opening WSJT-X. The bug does not appear 
> again once it is open and have switched to other modes and back to msk144.

It doesn’t do it here….  BUT! …  I use a different configuration for most 
mode/band changes.  It loads every time I switch configs.

I just tried it this way:  I loaded MSK144 config and then closed the program.  
When I opened it again, it was in 15 second mode.  I then changed it to 30 sec 
mode, closed it and reopened it, and it was in 30 sec mode.  I went back to 15 
sec mode, closed, reopened, and it was in 15 sec mode.  Seems to be fine here - 
can’t make it fail the way I use it.

Gary - AG0N
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