On 06/01/2013 01:34 PM, Eric Kow wrote:

> I had some longer comments on the technical issues.  I think we may
> be need to step back a bit and peel apart the fundamental issues
> first (C++, shared libraries, other?) but first let's make sure we
> understand what the user-facing problem really is.  Is it
> impossibility or is it hoops?

While you are thinking about this, I hope you will also expand your
discussion to the Haskell Platform use case: what would it take to
develop a binary add-on that would install wxhaskell on top of a binary
HP installation? Extra credit for doing this on Linux, Windows and OS X.

In the earlier discussion you mentioned wxc and how it was hand
generated. I wonder if the swig tool could be adapted to work with
Haskell. This has been discussed for many years. Recently there was a
GSoC project to make swig generate a C interface from C++. If this
addition to swig is usable, it may be worth trying it to autogenerate
wxc or a major part of it.

While I use Linux at home and am comfortable building software from
source, I think it would be a big win for the Haskell community to have
wxhaskell (and gtk2hs) binary packages that run on Windows and OS X
since these platforms are used more.


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