Eric Kow <eric.kow@...> writes:

> OK let me get this straight.  Is the user-facing problem here that
installing wxHaskell for use in a sandbox
> environment is impossible or just very inconvenient/difficult?

The problem is that cabal-dev tries to install all the dependencies
automatically. So if I have a dependency on wx, cabal-dev goes all the way
back to wxdirect and tries to install it. This succeeds, but is useless,
because the executable won't be found later. It then installs wxc, which I
think will succeed if wxdirect has already been installed outside of the
sandbox, and can therefore be found on the path.

The next hurdle is wxcore, which expects to find various bits of wxc in
places that it should really be keeping its nose out of. I suspect that if
everything has been set up correctly outsides of the sandbox, this too will
succeed by following the environment variables (as long as there aren't any
spaces on the path), but I can't actually test this hypothesis because I've
upgraded my HP, and wxc/ore won't compile on GHC 7.6.

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