I don't think that is it.

Today I had one app open and then tried to launch another. The former app kept running, but the console spit back a display cannot be found error when I attempted to launch the second. I closed the first app and attempted to relaunch it -- but it wouldn't.

I killed the ssh session and opened another one, and then launched both apps with no problem.

On Thu, 22 Sep 2016, Brandon Allbery wrote:

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 2:48 PM, Haroon <har...@shawwal.duckdns.org> wrote:
      Since upgrading to Sierra the other day I randomly get errors about the
      display not being found when launching apps from a Linux machine. When I
      logout and log back in to the remote machine things work again, but then
      after some time the problem reappears.

Are you sure this is
 ? (would be
weird for it to show up only on upgrade to Sierra, though)
Alternately it could be a Power Nap thing, conceivably --- but I'd expect a 
different error in
that case.

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