It's definitely client side. I logged into the same server on a Snow Leopard machine and did not have the same problem.

I looked at my /etc/ssh directory and no modifications were made there since 2015, so it doesn't seem that Sierra overwrote anything. What I think happened is that the defaults in the binary for ssh have changed in Sierra. One way to verify that for sure would be to try logging in from a Yosemite VM; or is there perhaps a way to make ssh show it's build defaults?

For now I've set ForwardX11Trusted to Yes and will see how it goes.

On Thu, 22 Sep 2016, Tom Lane wrote:

Brandon Allbery <> writes:
That would be the exact symptoms of the X11ForwardTimeout issue; the older
app will keep its display but new ones will be rejected.

Yeah.  Maybe the connection to the Sierra upgrade is that the updater
failed to carry over some config file in which the OP had fixed this

                        regards, tom lane

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