I am using X2Go on RHEL 6.7 and I am very pleased with how well it works but I 
am having an issue when using X2Go with a custom application when I resize the 
application window.  There are hundreds of other applications on our system 
that have no issue with resizing, it' just this one.  This will happen every 
time I resize the app IF AND ONLY IF I start vcxsrv with "-multiwindow", if I 
start it any other way (-rootless, -fullscreen, -multimonitor) the app will 
resize fine.  The problem is I then cannot resize the session window (resizing 
is only available in multiwindow mode apparently?).

I am 100% aware that the application in question is at fault, however, it is 
very old, was produced by another company that will not give me the code and 
refuses to update it...

I am also aware that this may be a VCXSrv issue and I can ask them as well but 
I was wondering if you all had run across something like this before.

If you could give me some background on the differences between multiwindow vs 
"non-multiwindow" or could explain why multiwindow would fail I'd appreciate 
it.  That may be a question for VCXSrv though.

RHEL 6.7
X2Go Windows Client (Windows 7 64bit)
Gnome 2.28

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