Hello Ulrich,
  Thank you for replying!  What it does is it kills the client connection but 
the session is still running.  When I reconnect it tries to resume and will 
usually show the desktop for a few seconds and then the connection is killed 
again.  If I do this enough times (3-5 times) it will resume successfully but 
the window is not resized and I still cannot resize it, but the session is 
otherwise working fine.  

I cannot get the linux x2go client ( to work because of this issue

I don't use the linux client so this is not an issue for me but for this 
troubleshooting I can try to get it working.  

I did try this test with a much older version ( of the client on linux 
(which does work on RHEL6) and I was able to resize in windowed mode 
successfully.  That may be enough to answer your question (and isolate it to 
windows).  If not let me know and I will pursue getting linux client 
working on RHEL6.  According to the bug reports, I would have to update libssh 
to >= 0.6 but that is problematic on RHEL6 (apparently it's unsupported because 
I can't even download it from RHN for RHEL6 but I can for RHEL7).  I will have 
to install some newer packages in parallel with the older versions and update 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using x2goclient... 

As far as giving you the application, unfortunately this application is 
proprietary and I do not own it so I cannot give it to you.  I know I am not 
giving you much to help me troubleshoot this and I do apologize for that.  If 
you simply don't have enough information to troubleshoot this problem I 
completely understand.

One clue I found in the user's .xsession-x2go-errors log is an entry like this:

Window manager warning: Window <hex> (<RESIZING APP NAME>) sets an MWM hint 
indicating it isn't resizable, but sets min size <X1>x<Y1> and max size of 
<X2>x<Y2>; this doesn’t make much sense.

This seems like the smoking gun, based on my limited understanding of what is 
going on.  I could try and write a stub application (in motif which this 
problem application is written in) and attempt to reproduce this problem.  That 
code I could give you.  If or when that is worthwhile let me know and I can 
start on that.

Thank you again for your help.



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On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 12:33 AM, Dionne, Dennis P <dennis.p.dio...@boeing.com> 
> Hello,
> I am using X2Go on RHEL 6.7 and I am very pleased with how well it 
> works but I am having an issue when using X2Go with a custom 
> application when I resize the application window.  There are hundreds 
> of other applications on our system that have no issue with resizing, 
> it’ just this one.  This will happen every time I resize the app IF 
> AND ONLY IF I start vcxsrv with “-multiwindow”, if I start it any 
> other way (-rootless, -fullscreen,
> -multimonitor) the app will resize fine.  The problem is I then cannot 
> resize the session window (resizing is only available in multiwindow 
> mode apparently?).
> I am 100% aware that the application in question is at fault, however, 
> it is very old, was produced by another company that will not give me 
> the code and refuses to update it…

What exactly happens when you try to resize the app? Can we somehow get hold of 
the application? Does it work with a Linux client instead of windows?

Also, have you tried resizing the app window using the xdotool command 


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