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>   Thank you for replying!  What it does is it kills the client connection but 
> the session is still running.  When I reconnect it tries to resume and will 
> usually show the desktop for a few seconds and then the connection is killed 
> again.  If I do this enough times (3-5 times) it will resume successfully but 
> the window is not resized and I still cannot resize it, but the session is 
> otherwise working fine.

There should be a logfile on the session on the server, usually in
~/x2go. Can you check for suspicious messages there?

I think it is worth trying the upcoming 3.6.x version of the nx-libs.
Unfortunately you need to build the rpm yourself. Please clone the
repo at https://github.com/ArcticaProject/nx-libs.git and use the
specfile in there to build an rpm.

> I cannot get the linux x2go client ( to work because of this issue
> https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2014-05/msg00556.html
> https://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-bugs/2014-05/msg00076.html
> I don't use the linux client so this is not an issue for me but for this 
> troubleshooting I can try to get it working.

Yeah, have come over this problem, too. But as I am not involved in
the x2goclient development or packaging I cannot help here. Anyone?

> I did try this test with a much older version ( of the client on 
> linux (which does work on RHEL6) and I was able to resize in windowed mode 
> successfully.  That may be enough to

Oh, that shifts focus back to windows again. Mike#2, any ideas?

answer your question (and isolate it to windows).  If not let me know
and I will pursue getting linux client working on RHEL6.
According to the bug reports, I would have to update libssh to >= 0.6
but that is problematic on RHEL6 (apparently it's unsupported because
I can't even download it from RHN for RHEL6 but I can for RHEL7).  I
will have to install some newer packages in parallel with the older
versions and update LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using x2goclient...

> As far as giving you the application, unfortunately this application is 
> proprietary and I do not own it so I cannot give it to you.  I know I am not 
> giving you much to help me troubleshoot this and I do apologize for that.  If 
> you simply don't have enough information to troubleshoot this problem I 
> completely understand.
> One clue I found in the user's .xsession-x2go-errors log is an entry like 
> this:
> Window manager warning: Window <hex> (<RESIZING APP NAME>) sets an MWM hint 
> indicating it isn't resizable, but sets min size <X1>x<Y1> and max size of 
> <X2>x<Y2>; this doesn’t make much sense.

If you google for that message you'll find that this is from metacity
and only a harmless warning. However, I am wondering why the app cann
be resized at all then.

Do you see the resizing problem when using another window manager or
even desktop? Can you sucessfully resize using xdotool? Can you run
xwininfo on the application window and post the output?

> This seems like the smoking gun, based on my limited understanding of what is 
> going on.  I could try and write a stub application (in motif which this 
> problem application is written in) and attempt to reproduce this problem.  
> That code I could give you.  If or when that is worthwhile let me know and I 
> can start on that.

No, let's try other stuff first.

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