If I just leave a session up, after an hour or two it will crash and burn
even if I am not doing anything.  I saw segfaults on mate-panel so I thought
perhaps an issue with Mate and not X2go, so I started a session in LXDE, it
exploded the same way. If I just remove rather than purge the software, it does not fix, so yes, probably related to database. When it explodes and I
try to reconnect to the session which shows up in the window after I login,
then it wedges.  If instead I terminate this session and start a new one, it
does not wedge. Rebooting the server does not fix, nor the client, so processes left running can't be the issue. I have ssh sessions with xterms
going into machines at the same location over the same network connections and
they stay up no problem, so it's not a network issue.  For reasons I don't
understand it seems to affect some servers more than others.  I have about an
even split of Redhat baed servers, Centos6/7, Scientific Linux 6/7, Fedora,
and Debian based, Debian, Mint, Ubuntu, and Zorin.  So far this has only
occurred on the Debian based servers.  It has happened on Mint, Ubuntu, and
Zorin thus far.

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On Sat, 3 Mar 2018, Mihai Moldovan wrote:

Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2018 06:16:47 +0100
From: Mihai Moldovan <io...@ionic.de>
To: Robert Dinse <nan...@eskimo.com>
Cc: "x2go-user@lists.x2go.org" <x2go-user@lists.x2go.org>
Subject: Re: Upgrades

* On 03/03/2018 04:45 AM, Robert Dinse wrote:

      I have now had three different machines, a ubuntu server, a mint server,
and a zorin server with the most recent builds installed display very strange

      Initially they work, I connect, and at some point during the session,
it disconnects, tells me to check my network.

      I go to reconnect and in the main window it says:

Loop: PANIC! Failure negotiating the session in stage '7'.
Error: Failure negotiating the session in stage '7'.
Loop: PANIC! Wrong version or invalid session authentication cookie.
Error: Wrong version or invalid session authentication cookie.
Session: Terminating session at 'Fri Mar 2 19:06:40 2018'.
Session: Session terminated at  'Fri Mar 2 19:06:40 2018'.

      I also get a POP UP that says:

The remote proxy closed teh connection while negotiating the session. This may
be due to the wrong authentication credentials passed to the server.

      Once it enters this state I can not connect to the server again.
Rebooting both client and server does not fix the problem (and this wipes out
everything in  /tmp and /var/tmp as I have both in tmpfs file systems).

      The only thing I've found that fixes it is completely purging the server
x2go software and re-installing it.

Reinstalling shouldn't change any state, other than maybe reinitializing the

When this happens, are there still x2goagent or nxagent processes around? Do
x2glistsessions_root, x2gogetports, x2gogetdisplays report sane values?

Maybe x2goagent is crashing or otherwise misbehaving.

Is there any known trigger for this?


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