On Sep 16, 2016, at 7:21 PM, Doug Hill wrote:

> Alex,
> If you want to build for debugging, you can create a new developer cert via 
> ADC website and add it to the new Macintosh's keychain. You can then use an 
> Xcode scheme that configures build settings to use the developer team 
> provisioning profile.

Already done. All three distro certs are in the keychain.  

> If you want to create an app for distribution, you'll have to export the cert 
> public/private key from the keychain of the original Macintosh and import 
> into the keychain onto the new Macintosh.

Yeah, I thought I said that's what I already did.  Exporting my dev profile and 
importing on the other Mac was the first thing I did.  

> FWIW, you shouldn't have to manually move the provisioning profiles. Xcode 
> manages these pretty well in the Accounts setting.

Yeah, I shouldn't.

> Hope this helps.

WELL, GREAT.  My Apple WWDC issued developer certificate that expires next year 
has an invalid issuer.  How can the cert issued by the Apple Worldwide 
Developer Relations Certification Authority BECOME invalid by the issuer when 
it is exported to another Mac?

This cert is identical to the one on my other Mac that is my dev cert.  : /

Oh.  The parent WWDC cert is expired.  ARGH.   

Oh, yeah, I remember when this expired in February.  Now I know the last time I 
used that machine.  

Fun times.

Thanks Doug.  You got me looking in the right spot.

> Doug Hill
>> On Sep 16, 2016, at 5:12 PM, Alex Zavatone <z...@mac.com> wrote:
>> iOS project.  
>> Just copied one of our commercial iOS projects over to a dedicated Mac with 
>> Xcode 8 and imported my developer profile that was just exported from my 
>> main machine.
>> After opening our project up in Xcode 8, all of the provisioning profiles 
>> state that the cert which all of the provisioning profiles were made with is 
>> missing and not included in the provisioning profile and report that the 
>> developer 
>> I then zipped all the provisioning profiles I made from scratch last week on 
>> the dev site for all 4+ of our projects so I KNOW the proper cert in it.  
>> Looking at the profile in question with the provisioning spotlight plugin, I 
>> can see that the certificate is present.  
>> (https://github.com/chockenberry/Provisioning)
>> It seems like build settings for developer identity are missing or are empty.
>> I can't assign values to them.  There's simply a mass of empty data for 
>> developer and identity for the project that I copied off my main machine and 
>> with the developer profile that I imported from my main machine.
>> What happened?  
>> Is there a reference for where I can see what has changed so we can address 
>> our iOS 10 issues?  I can't build to an iOS 10 device at the moment or 
>> archive for adhoc distro.
>> Thanks.
>> Alex Zavatone

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